We are only a small community, and are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help us run our events, where you will always find a warm welcome (and often a lot of home-made cakes!)  If you would to find out more about our upcoming events please get in touch.

An evening of Christmas songs with

"The Commander in Chief"

A mixture of sacred and secular Christmas songs played by the fantastic Berit Hagen on Saturday 14th December at Whittington Church!

Berit Hagen is an internationally acclaimed artist known as "The Commander in Chief".  Berit is a bel-canto trained opera singer, a very versatile vocalist and guitarist and is equally at home performing heavy metal and classical repertoire.

The evening was part of Whittington Church's re-opening celebrations after the church's extensive roof repairs.

Follow the links below to watch Berit singing White Christmas on the evening, plus an additional sit down with our own Revd Colin Randall to discuss her faith! (links to You Tube).  

Whittington Church Fundraiser Christmas

"Hard Hat Tours" of restoration works for Village Fete

One of the attractions at this year's Village Fete was "Hard Hat Tours" of the church restoration works, kindly guided by Splitlath Building Conservation (https://www.splitlath.com/).  For a small donation visitors were kitted out and shown the ongoing roof works and the interior of the church.  It was an exciting opportunity for everyone to see what incredible progress Splitlath are making, (although a certain four legged visitor was decidedly underwhelmed and needed a snooze mid-tour!)

Andoversford children place time capsule in Church roof

Three children, Olly, Tyler and Lily, from Andoversford School visited the Roof Repair project at St Bartholomew’s Church, Whittington on Tuesday. They placed a time capsule in the roof which will be opened when the roof is next repaired many years in the future. The capsule contained photos of the children and other items they chose.

The children also learned about repairs to historic buildings including the need to look after any bats present. They loved going up the scaffolding and took a very keen interest in all that was going on which was explained by Splitlath Site Manager, Darron Price


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Whittington Show, Sept 2018

Whittington Show, Sept 2018

Jazz Evening with "Stolen Chocolates"

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