Whittington Church Colin Randall Command

An evening with "The Commander in Chief"

As part of our re-opening celebrations for the church after the extensive roof repairs, Berit Hagen, an internationally acclaimed artist know as "The Commander in Chief" sang two fantastic sets.  For more information please have a look at our Gallery & Events page.

Follow the above You Tube link to watch Berit discuss her faith with our own Revd Colin Randall! 


Urgent repairs to the roof to stop water damage, will begin in the next couple of months thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This project which is costing in the region of £350,000 has been awarded a grant of £270,000 to this church dating from the eleventh or twelfth century to make it weather tight and structurally stable. 

Find out more about how the works will provide a heritage legacy for the whole community…

Open to the heavens!

Whittington Church has now closed it's doors as the roof repairs begin!  The scaffolding is up and works are well underway.  The majority of the tiles from the main roof have been removed, exposing the ancient beams and materials (and rather a lot of decay!)  The very generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and local fund raising and gifts, will enable the rooferss to replace and repair any damaged and worn parts of the structure, so that when the Church reopens in November all church goers will be able to relax knowing that they are no longer in danger of any falling lumps of plaster or debris!