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Yppotryll are coming to Whittington

Medieval Music Concert on 28th August at 1pm


Alfonso the Wise compiled some 400 songs in honour of the Virgin Mary.  The Cantigas de Maria (late 1200’s) form one of the most substantial collections of medieval music.  Somewhat later, at the monastery of Montserrat near Barcelona, some of the songs sung by the pilgrims was written down in what is now referred to as the Llibre Vermell.

Selecting songs from both these collections, and also some of the earliest English music that we have, Yppotryll will give you a flavour of the kind of music that might have been heard at the time of the Knight and his Lady who are commemorated in the memorials at Whittington.

Yppotryll   (a mythical creature from the medieval imagination)  is:

  • Karen Jones: soprano/paltery

  • Rachel Tedd: recorders/gemshorn/dulcimer/voice

  • Simon Pickard, psalteries/harp/clavicytherium etc.


Just turn up – donations at the door

Yppotryll concert at Whittington Church 28 AUG 2021.jpg